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Swaddling – The Ins and Outs

Swaddling – The Ins and Outs

Are you keen to give swaddling a try but unsure as to where to begin? Don’t fret! We’re going to walk you through the ins and outs of swaddling your little one and discuss some key tricks we’ve learned over the years. With our beautiful range of organic swaddles, we can’t wait to help you get started.  

Swaddling – What is it? 

Swaddling involves positioning a soft, thin, breathable blanket in a diamond shape, with the top corner folded downwards so that once your baby is gently placed on top, their neck and head are not covered. Bring the right and left corners across your baby’s chest, tucking both arms securely underneath the cosy swaddle. Aim for a gentle yet firm hold; do not swaddle too tightly as baby’s legs and hips should be able to wriggle. Finally, bring the bottom corner up over baby’s feet and chest, ensuring fabric is not covering your little one’s mouth or nose. Lie your little angel on their back and voila, you’re all set!  

How to swaddle your baby


Benefits of Swaddling 

  • Provides your bundle of joy with a familiar sense of security and womb-like comfort, bringing about a sense of calmness. 
  • Keeps baby warm and snug until their internal thermostat begins to work wonders. 
  • Prevents baby from flailing their arms and legs, which may trigger their startle reflex and cause them to awake suddenly; swaddling may help both mummy and baby get a smoother night’s sleep.  
  • Helps to limit the potential for baby to scratch their face and body whilst sleeping. 

Swaddling is a traditional practice that has proved very effective in helping babies settle and sleep; hopefully this blog has encouraged you to give it a go. However, it isn’t for everyone – doing what is best for you and your baby is what counts. 

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