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Courageous Heart Fertility Journal – My story

Courageous Heart Fertility Journal – My story

In my early years I often found myself floating through daydreams of what my life would one day look like; a family home with dogs, Saturday morning pancakes and children. My heart desired children more than anything.


I went through IVF just after my 30th birthday, 3 years after we initially began our journey to parenthood and after 2 failed IUI’s. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility a year prior to treatment. I mourned myself and felt completely lost. As a woman of colour most would think we are ultra fertile, my family bubbling over with kids, it was lonely to say the least.


The Courageous Heart Journal was inspired during this time, I really found solace in journalling. I didn’t realise at the time but, when I sat to jot down my thoughts, my joys experienced and appointment details, I was in fact creating a template from which the journal would be born.


I always tried to create a ritual out of journaling. I would play my favourite song quietly in the background, a sweet smelling candle, flitting on the mantle and sipping away at a cup of tea. Journaling to me became more than just writing, became all about the warm and safe space I created where I craved to JUST BE.


It’s that, that I wanted to bottle and give to others who shared similar experiences to mine navigating through fertility issues, and so this journal became a special homage and shelter to those who needed it just like I did.

I recognise and wholeheartedly empathise with anyone having gone through fertility treatment or those who have been trying to conceive for a long time.

My hope for those who use the Courageous Heart journal would be to know just how strong, COURAGEOUS and seen they truly are.



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