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Hospital Bag Checklist During COVID19

Hospital Bag Checklist During COVID19

Firstly, I just want to say a big “Thank you” to everyone who contributed to this questionnaire; to the mamas who have just come out of hospital, and took the time to write to me with a new born – you are amazing.  To the midwives who shared their professional experience, a special Thank you, for everything you do – day in day out.  And to my supportive community on Instagram, I would be lost without you.  xx Lucia


I think we can all agree that having a baby at the best of times can be an anxious time but to undergo this big moment in your life during COVID19 adds an extra layer of concern.  However, this information is not designed to add to your fears but to help in a small and practical way.  I need to state from the outset this information is not endorsed by any hospital or health organisation but instead, it has been brought together from collective experiences, Mums who have just had their baby/babies, and midwives who want to help.

The biggest difference many parents have and will experience during their hospital stay; is the limited access their partners will have. These rules will differ between each region and hospital, but most hospitals are only allowing a maximum of one hour in the birthing room, and one hour in the ward after your baby is born. If you are having a c section, especially an elective one, some partners are allowed in only if there is available PPE, and time of course.  However, it is best to seek these guidelines from your hospital beforehand.


Therefore, Mums need to be more organised than ever. I know I hear you, when are we not, of course we are but I hope this packing list and tips will supply at least one piece of golden nugget information that you may not have thought of, and will make all the difference to you and your hospital stay.




Enjoy your read, and if you wish to receive a copy please email me at Lucia@bababou.com, and I’ll send it to your inbox.


Wishing you the very best for your upcoming birth.


x Lucia