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The How-To daunting task of getting the baby room available

The How-To daunting task of getting the baby room available

In March we were delighted to be featured on Image online, aptly named ‘The How-To daunting task of getting the baby room available‘.

Marlene admits it has been a while since she kitted out a nursery, but  she states ‘once I started looking for pieces, it felt like only yesterday: the excitement, but at the same time the panic in choosing the right items for this very precious room, preparing for the unknown for the very first time’.

‘First dilemma was getting the baby crib. I ended up panicking and just borrowing a baby basket from a friend, which was a mistake because, as all new parents know, the time you had before the baby arrives no longer exists. So for any new moms- or dads-to-be now, consider the award-winning, beautifully designed and locally produced Bababou. I love the idea that you can pull the Bababou right up to your bed and co-sleep with your baby, without bed sharing. When your baby outgrows the crib stage (which happens way too quickly), the Bababou can be changed into a bench for the playroom or even a children’s desk’.

Hugg® Bedside Crib, €399, Bababou

Read the article in full, where you will be introduced to other amazing Irish companies such as Bunny & Clyde.

Thank you Marlene Wessels for featuring the Hugg.