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The Baby Show London March 1st 2nd 3rd Come visit us at Stand D28

Baby Show London

The Baby Show London March 1st 2nd 3rd Come visit us at Stand D28

Baby Show London

We are excited to announce that Bababou and the award winning Hugg bedside crib is travelling to London this weekend to attend The Baby Show in Excel, March 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Come visit us for a close up view of the award winning design and the most contemporary bedside crib/cosleeper on the market. We will have a special discount code available at the show bringing the Hugg down to a special price with free delivery to your door.


Bababou takes great pride in providing a sustainable and organic bedside crib to ensure that all mums experience the ability to nurture, love, and care for their baby all within the comfort of bedside sleeping. Our crib brings great value to your home as the Hugg Crib can be re-purposed into a stylish mid-century desk and bench, using this stylish feature from Bababou allows you to be a kinder parent to the environment as well as your pockets as the Hugg can be used for many years.  The antithesis of the throwaway culture so prevalent in the nursery industry.

As an innovative nursery crib, we are thrilled to inform you that our Hugg bedside crib is non – plastic, non – metal, and chemical free. All of the Hugg Bedside Crib materials are sourced in the U.K. and Ireland with strong sustainable values to allow beneficial support to local businesses, employment, and communities.

To fully encapsulate what it’s like to be a Bababou Mum we are delighted to share with you the feedback of a Hugg Bedside Crib experience

  • “We LOVE it! Ruby adores it and it’s such a beautifully made piece.” – Angela Scanlon
  • “I love the Hugg, she’s 3 months old and I love the security of having her next to me so I can rest easier. ” – Nadia Forde
  • “We have the Hugg bedside Crib from Bababou and it is truly a thing of beauty, made by local crafts people. ” – Claire @FableHeart



2017: Irish Made Furniture Winner in conjunction with Irish Country Magazine

2018: Platinum Winner for Best Crib/Cot/Pod Design in the Junior Design Awards

2018: JADA Winner – named the best of the best in the industry by Junior Design Awards

2018: Image Interiors & Living Magazine: Home Product of the Year

2019: Shortlisted in the Made for Mums Awards for Best Cosleeper

If you need further details, please contact:

Founder: Lucia Nash

Stand: D28

Email: Lucia@bababou.com