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World Sleep Day, Hugg, Sleep – Play!

World Sleep Day, Hugg, Sleep – Play!

World Sleep day might make new parents laugh (or cry!!) given the general lack thereof, but here’s hoping you get to grab some blissful Zzzzz’s on this glorious day – or tonight, at least!

According to the Sleep Foundation, newborns sleep a total of 14 to 17 hours a day on an irregular schedule, with periods of one to three hours spent awake – *pass the coffee!!*

At Bababou, sleep is at the heart of our Hugg bedside crib, with our Hugg we aim to improve the quality of sleep for both baby and parents, parents can rest better with their baby snuggled up safely next to the bed – bedside-sleeping, and baby still has their own crib space.

Pictured: Leona, Baby Bear, & the Hugg bedside crib.

Delivering all the wonderful benefits of close physical contact that babies need not only for safety, but also physiological regulation, frequent feeding and sleep arousal for the first six months – this is in accordance with research carried out by UNICEF.

Sustainability and functionally are at the core of the Hugg as well, a mid-century modern piece which evolves from a crib into a stylish table and bench – lasting for years beyond the nursery. The Hugg is an antithesis to ‘throwaway’ culture for parents; a classic, minimal, research-led approach to creating the crib space.

Pictured: Leo, and the Hugg as evolved and re-purposed into the bedside crib and bench

People who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to have bigger appetites due to the fact that their leptin levels (leptin is an appetite-regulating hormone) fall, promoting appetite increase (Sleep Foundation) so we reckon cake is an absolute must today, to celebrate world sleep day, no?!

Are you getting your forty winks? Any tips for a good night’s sleep? Follow us over on Instagram to talk all things Hugg, Play and SLEEP glorious sleep!


Happy World Sleep Day from Team Bababou.


Huggs xo