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The Birth of the Hugg Crib

The Birth of the Hugg Crib

At Bababou we are thrilled to be launching the Hugg Crib. It has been a long development process but all good things come to those to never give up and work hard to achieve it.

The idea of the Hugg Crib all started when I (Lucia – Bababou founder) was in the hospital at the birth of my first child. I really loved the transparency of the hospital bassinet, and the ability to see my baba from every angle. And especially, while lying in bed recuperating after a very long and excruciating back labour.  When I went home and used the mosses basket, it was then that I missed it even more especially during the nights in those first few weeks when everyone is settling into a new routine; with every little strange noise that new born babies make, I (like many parents) found that I was constantly up and down looking in to check on my baby. This led to a more disrupted sleep.  Inevitably, due to extreme tiredness, bedsharing often happened which is a big no no due to the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death). In fact, according to research carried out by UNICEF and The Lullaby Trust bedsharing is one of the biggest risk of SIDS. And, mums, with a strong motivation to breastfeed frequently bedshare too.

It was during that time I knew furniture functionality could be improved to reduce this risk. So, after 18 months of research and development we at Bababou have created Ireland’s first organic cosleeper – the HUGG Crib.

This functional crib is designed to seamlessly integrate into the parent’s bed, giving the baby its own safe, and separate space, while snugged up next to the parents: delivering all the wonderful benefits of close physical contact for safety, physiological regulation, frequent feeding, and sleep arousal, that babies need for the first six months.  Thus, reducing the need to bedshare. All in all, it delivers peace of mind for everyone.

We hope you enjoy viewing the Hugg Crib, and look forward to answering any questions you may have in relation to your purchase.

Happy Shopping.
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