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Hugg® Co-Sleeping Crib

The Hugg
Bedside Crib

Nurtures a safe and connected sleep, by giving baby their own crib space, while snuggled up next to the parent’s bed.

Delivering all the wonderful benefits of close physical contact needed for Safer Co-sleeping, Physiological regulation, frequent feeding, and sleep arousal that babies need for the first six months as recommended by research from UNICEF/The Lullaby Trust UK.



The Hugg Co-Sleeping Crib offers a better night’s sleep for baby and parents delivering peace of mind having baby close, creating less night-time anxiety.

Design Philosohpy

Hugg Organic's design philosophy is simple and clean with functionality and sustainability at the heart. We only use natural and organic materials such as FSC Wood and organic cotton.

Re-Purpose & Re-use

Hugg Organic's products are designed to last longer; the Hugg Crib is designed to be repurposed into a stylish table and bench lasting for years beyond the nursery.





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